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With his experiences of many years in the pharma market, Mr Werner Eggensberger, Managing Director of emphasis, often acts as consultant for our clients besides his classical market research activities. He develops positionings, scrutinizes concepts, installs early warning systems and helps to prolong the active phase in the product lifecycle.

His involvement in various strategic issues qualifies him for expert advice prior to licensing negotiations or for the development of clinical trial designs.

In 1993 he established emphasis Institut für Marktforschung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH together with Mrs Ute Morgenstern.

His work for market research agencies began at
IMePa Institut für Medizin- und Patientenforschung in Munich, where he worked as Market Research Consultant in primary market research for 12 years.

Before his agency work, he conducted a scientific research project for the law firm Prof. Schweizer & Partner in Munich, one of the leading law firms in empirical law research and competition law.

The starting point of his professional career was his degree in sociology and political science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

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On the basis of her agency and industry experience of many years, Mrs Ute Morgenstern, managing director of emphasis, is very familiar with the typical questions company market researchers and marketers are confronted with. She realizes market research projects in many different indications addressing the most diverse research problems.

With her support, difficult positionings, strategic alignments and communication concepts are generated and optimized. She gives clients relevant recommendations for implementing the results.

Mrs Morgenstern develops, respectively adapts new survey approaches and methods together with our partners from science and external market research service providers.

In 1993 she established the agency emphasis Institut für Marktforschung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH together with Mr Werner Eggensberger.

Before going into business for herself, she spent five years as Senior Market Research Analyst for Deutsche Wellcome in Burgwedel near Hannover, after having worked three years as pharma market researcher for Pfizer in Karlsruhe.

Mrs Morgenstern studied business administration at Pforzheim University Business School focusing on market research, marketing and methods and techniques of empirical social research.

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Dorian Maier has been working for emphasis since 2003. Besides his national projects for pharmaceutical companies and other players in healthcare, he focusses on international market research surveys. His bilingual upbringing as well as comprehensive foreign language skills facilitate his management of international qualitative and quantitative projects in Europe, North and South America.

Dorian Maier has longstanding experience in conducting interviews and moderating group discussions with sophisticated target groups from the healthcare sector, ranging from top-level specialists to executives from major players in the German healthcare system or rare disease patients.

He is driving the digitization of pharmaceutical market research by further developing our emChat platform for qualitative online market research.

The knowledge from working many years in the German healthcare market enables him to give well-founded actionable insights.

He studied psychology at Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg and at Fribourg University, Switzerland with a focus on industrial and organizational psychology as well as behavior modification.

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Boris Köpplinger has been working for emphasis since 1998. He supervises the quantitative team at emphasis and is responsible for the entire process of field work, data collection and data analysis in close co-operation with our clients.

Further, he is responsible for the IT section of emphasis. This know-how enables him to administrate and further develop the emphasis online survey and reporting tools.

Boris Köpplinger is furthermore responsible for the in-company training of all emphasis employees in SPSS and MS Office.

After graduating, he worked as research associate at the chair for economic geography at Regensburg University.

Mr Köpplinger studied geography at Regensburg University with a focus on economic and social geography as well as statistics and macroeconomics. Focus of his studies were quantitative methods of empirical social research.

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Mrs Tiina Moilanen has been part of our team since 2002. She specializes in surveys with patients and especially difficult to recruit target groups. Mrs Moilanen realizes qualitative research projects from recruiting sophisticated target groups over conducting qualitative surveys to carrying out content analysis.

Her content analyses on complex research problems form the basis for our empirically verified recommendations.

Mrs Moilanen started her market research career as junior project manager with facit marketing research in Munich.

Before working in the market research business, she worked for consultancies and personnel consulting agencies in Berlin and Munich.

Tiina Moilanen studied at Helsinki University and at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich where she graduated in organizational- and business psychology. Focuses of her studies were empirical social research and the methods and techniques it uses.

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Klaus Peter Neumann has been working for emphasis since 2002. His work focuses on the organisation of our office in Munich, recruitment, telephone interviews and analysis of our data from telephone and online interviews.

A further important focus of Mr Neumann is recruiting of very difficult target groups in the context of qualitative and quantitative projects.

Before working for emphasis, Mr Neumann participated in several university research projects. Further, he gained first agency experiences as freelancer for QMP Qualitative Marktforschung Pott in Munich.

Mr Neumann studied macroeconomics and sociology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Focus of his studies were amongst others history of economics, organizational sociology and social psychology. Before, Mr Neumann had worked as bank officer for the Deutsche Bank in Munich.

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Angela Eberle has been working for emphasis since the establishment of the agency in the year 1993.

Besides her classical office management activities, she is responsible for recruitment and organization of emphasis events as well as for coordinating our field agencies. She possesses extensive experience, in particular regarding recruitment of difficult target groups.

Before working for emphasis, Mrs Eberle was employed by Infratest and IMePa (Institut für Medizin- und Patientenforschung) in Munich, specializing in office and event management.

Mrs Eberle started her longstanding career in pharma market research after her training as industrial business management assistant and a first placement in the public sector.