emOnline-Groups – Online group discussions

In times of the Covid 19 pandemic, online group discussions are the qualitative method of choice for penetrating topics in depth.

Due to the technical framework – the online group discussions are conducted via PC or mobile device – a very strong focus on presented content is possible.

The discussions are preferably conducted in small groups of 3 participants. This makes it easier for the moderator and the participants to assign answers.

Reliable technology is the basic prerequisite for high-quality discussion groups. To ensure this, all participants are briefed and supervised technically in advance. This allows them to concentrate fully on the content of the discussion.

To ensure maximum stability, we work redundantly, i.e. visual elements are shared via screen sharing over the internet, for the voice connection we use a telephone line.

The moderator and also the participants, if they agree, can be seen via video. At the moment we do without a video image of the participants in order not to strain the networks unnecessarily.

In our experience the target groups – especially doctors and pharmacists – are very willing to participate. This trend is even more pronounced against the current background of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Moreover, this method allows to easily integrate participants from peripheral and rural areas.