Werner Eggensberger

Werner Eggensberger

Phone: +49 89 3063 00 30

With his experiences of many years in the pharma market, Mr Werner Eggensberger, Managing Director of emphasis, often acts as consultant for our clients besides his classical market research activities. He develops positionings, scrutinizes concepts, installs early warning systems and helps to prolong the active phase in the product lifecycle.

His involvement in various strategic issues qualifies him for expert advice prior to licensing negotiations or for the development of clinical trial designs.

In 1993 he established emphasis Institut für Marktforschung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH together with Mrs Ute Morgenstern.

His work for market research agencies began at
IMePa Institut für Medizin- und Patientenforschung in Munich, where he worked as Market Research Consultant in primary market research for 12 years.

Before his agency work, he conducted a scientific research project for the law firm Prof. Schweizer & Partner in Munich, one of the leading law firms in empirical law research and competition law.

The starting point of his professional career was his degree in sociology and political science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.