The methods of empirical social research

With our help you can access the whole spectrum of scientifically based methods.

  • Narrative interview
    • Problem-solving techniques
  • Creative workshop
    • Ishikawa diagram (Cause and effect diagram), Johari window, Morphological analysis, Systemic constellations
    • 6-3-5 brainwriting, Bisociation, Force fit technique, SCAMPER, Trigger technique, Problem reversal technique, Miracle question
    • Double mind technique, 6 thinking hats, Walt Disney method
  • Group discussion
    • Minigroup
  • Guideline interview
    • emalyzer emotion measurement (Measurement of electrodermal activity & Continuous response measure)
    • Measurement of implicit associations
  • Telephone interview
    • CATI
  • Online interview
    • Conventionally
    • Mobile (App survey: Android, iOS)
    • Measurement of implicit associations