Our solutions for your market research problem:
Validate concepts and advertising material

Is my concept attractive for my target groups? Which visuals attract attention and fit my positioning? What claim is suitable to stir emotions and transport my message? Is my advertisement strong enough to stand up to the competition?

With our customized concept and advertising tests we give you well-founded answers:

  • In minigroups we thoroughly test concepts and develop suggestions for improvement. By using special techniques, we ensure that we not only look into the rational but also the emotional attitudes.
  • With our emalyzer emotion measurement, we analyze visual and text stimuli in advertising material. On the basis of psychophysiological parameters we explore the properties of these stimuli as regards to valence and ability to activate.
  • In our folder-test workshops we check and optimize sales talk guidelines as well as sales folders on the basis of simulated sales rep calls.
  • Via our online tool for measuring implicit associations, we can collect highly valid information on the emotional valence of visuals or claims.

We validate concepts and advertising material both in face to face settings as well as online.


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